How to use a penis enlargement pump

First, let’s look at the truths and myths about penis enlargement with grandeur.

penis pump

Myth No. 1. The bigger the dick, the more fun.

The female vagina is arranged in such a way that the nerve endings are concentrated mainly in the first third of the entrance, because nature prepares women for childbirth, and if the vagina has sensitivity all the time, childbirth will turn into unbearable pain. And this means that in order to please your woman, you must have a fairly modest dignity. A penis longer than 20 cm gives more trouble than pleasure, here you will have a constant traumatic effect on the uterus, and, of course, you have to let go of the joy of anal sex. For the opposite situation, only a penis less than 8 cm in the erect position is considered a deviation from the norm.

Myth number 2. The penis can be "stretched"

If the primitive tribes are still pulling back their ears and lips, then, of course, no one bothers to do something similar on our penises.

From a physiological point of view, this is absolute nonsense, so you shouldn’t be like an uneducated savage and turn a functioning organ into an inactive spaghetti. The only way to "pull" can help if it is done in an upright position for 20 minutes every day for several months, during which the body of the penis cave will be more intensively filled with blood, and its length can increase by 1 -1. 5 cm But this same effect can be achieved if you have a normal and frequent sex life - and this method is better than postponing something. You should not hear Taoist techniques that say that it is necessary to maintain an erection with the help of tow and other improvisational methods for several hours - this negatively affects blood flow and can be a source of congestion, which will eventually turn into a trip to the doctor. The effectiveness of all types of meditation methods also leaves much to be desired, and if the length increases, then only in your fantasy.

Currently, there is the only truly effective way to lengthen the penis, but it involves surgical intervention and quite a long time in implementation-the "mover".

Myth #3. You can make your penis thicker with special exercises.

With regard to methods for increasing the diameter, several methods have been invented here, but their effectiveness varies. The first method is the transfer of adipose tissue from the place where there is the excess, to the place where there is a deficiency, that is, on the penis. The effectiveness is very low, because if the fat cells stop receiving extra nutrients, they dissolve quickly, and you can enjoy the long-awaited amount for no more than a week. The second way is to upload silicone instead of fat. At first, the change will please the happy owner, but over time, under the influence of gravity, the gel will flow to the base and become a source of trouble.

And what exactly

The only option other than surgery is an extender. Its action is based on the principle of stretching, which is actively used to grow tissue in plastic surgery. The effect is permanent. The use of extenders is a topic for a separate article. We will only make bookings whose results can be reached in 3-6 months, not in advance.

Application mode

Before beginning the procedure, the penis enlargement pump must be thoroughly washed with soap and water or treated with an antiseptic preparation. It is strictly forbidden to water it with boiling water, treat it with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to pre-lubricate the penis with a special cream. This will increase local blood flow. Lubricants can also be applied to the base of the device. But at the same time, it should be considered that grease -based lubricants or those containing petroleum jelly can damage the material of the device.

A specific sequence of actions must be followed:

  • The penis is placed in the cavity of the flask, and then it is pressed hard on the body.
  • The compression density of the hole in the flask is checked, and in the case of a special air valve, the density of its closure.
  • After, holding the device with one hand, the second presses the pear or piston. As a result, air is pumped out, which allows squeezing the penis due to the rare atmosphere. All this leads to blood flow to the penis.
  • After about 30 seconds (slight redness of the penis and erection will be noticeable), negative pressure is released by allowing air to enter the device. To do this, press the valve located near the pear (in some models, it is enough to open a hole in the pump, which is closed with a finger during the procedure).
  • The field of how the erection has weakened, it is necessary to repeat the above steps again.
  • At the time of reaching the largest erection, the erectile ring is placed at the base of the penis. This is done to prevent a rapid outflow of blood from the penis, and therefore to keep it erect.
  • After training, the device must also be washed with warm water and soap or other disinfectant for intimate hygiene. Next, it must be rubbed and dried at room temperature.

Subject to all the above instructions and recommendations, with the help of a vacuum pump, it is possible to achieve an increase in the penis of 2-3 cm after a few months.

What is a Vacuum Pump?

Vacuum pumps were originally created to combat erectile dysfunction. Penis enlargement is a side effect. On what principle does this device work?

The vacuum pump is a transparent cylinder, a flask with an inlet but no outlet. More precisely, there is an exit, but it is a small hole with a hose attached to it. A thin hose, in turn, is attached to the pump to pump air out of the flask. The pump is often represented by a cheap hand pear, for example, it happens at a cheap pump from a sex shop. On expensive pumps, a special gun pump with a pressure gauge is installed to monitor the pressure in the flask.

The principle of operation is simple:

  1. The penis is inserted into the flask.
  2. The flask is pressed firmly on the pubis.
  3. Air is removed from the flask using a hand pump. Negative pressure is created in a flask, or, as they say, a vacuum. As a result, the cave body is filled with blood, which causes an artificial erection.

After the pumping session, the member maintains an erection for some time, which allows, along with the use of funds from the Viagra category or erection rings, to have sexual intercourse.

However, users of vacuum pumps have noted that after a pumping session, members appear larger than usual. As it turned out later, the use of a vacuum pump has increased the penis, but not for long: at the end of the day, the penis always takes on the size of its container. After learning this, sex tool sellers started selling vacuum pumps as a tool to enlarge the penis. This is how vacuum pumps gained their popularity.

Mechanism of penis enlargement during pumping

Temporary improvement

What causes pumping to cause a temporary increase?

  • Mechanism 1. By prolonged pumping (you will learn about the set time later in the article), the elastin fibers in the penis tunic are stretched. This allows the cavernous body to accommodate more blood, thus increasing the girth of the penis. After a few hours, when the elastin fibers return to their previous length, the girth of the penis will return to normal.
  • Mechanism 2. The second mechanism of penis enlargement is lymph flow. During pumping, not only a lot of blood flows into the penis, but also the lymph. It is concentrated under the skin (on the foreskin), which causes an effect called a "donut" after the completion of the pumping session. During the first lesson with the pump, the lymph flooded more strongly. Then, the amount of lymph during pumping decreases significantly. In general, lymph is harmless, and not a negative sign. In addition, a few hours after class, the lymph will leave your penis through the lymphatic ducts, and everything will return to normal. If possible, you should make sure that the amount of lymph is not excessive.

Increased permanently

To improve permanently, you need to combine the use of a pump with manual training. Then, with a special pumping mode, it is possible to stretch the tunic, and in the next cycle to "pump" the cave. With each of these tasks, with an efficient approach, the vacuum pump successfully overcomes it.

The vacuum pump can be used as a stand -alone device, or combined with a main manual program. The second option is better.

Using the pump in conjunction with manual training, you can achieve greater results to improve the frequency converter. Therefore, with the help of a vacuum pump it is possible to increase both the length and girth of the penis.

Kind of pumping


Packing is a fancy mode for stretching a tunic. Packing requires a narrow flask in which the upright member cannot swell by width, so the vacuum force will pull it long. This method allows you to increase the length of the penis, as well as stretch the tunic.

Classic pumping

The classic pump is pumping in a wide flask. The force of the vacuum in such a flask causes the limb to swell widely, filling the cavity with blood to the limit. With a stretched tunic, this method of pumping helps to increase the girth of the penis effectively.

Safety rules for working with vacuum pumps

A vacuum pump is a relatively effective tool for penis enlargement. However, with thoughtless use, you will only get injuries and darkening of the penis. Please read this article carefully before using the device.

In no case do not violate the following rules:

  1. If you experience pain, stop the pumping session immediately. Find out what causes pain. If the cause is an injury, then wait for complete healing before the next session. If the cause of the pain is, for example, pinching of the skin, the problem should be resolved and the pumping session should be resumed.
  2. Never rush. Don’t bring a pumping session to pain! Increase the pressure (more precisely, lower it, because a vacuum is created in the flask) smoothly, week after week. The secret of growth is not in crazy loads, but in constant competent training.
  3. Do not, under any circumstances, exceed 40 minutes of pumping sessions per set! One hour is the time limit for light loads. At this point, you need to approach slowly. With a prolonged vacuum, the blood stops circulating freely in the penis, as a result the cells in the penis begin to die. I’ll talk about developments in pumping below.
  4. Do not pump too often. The pumping session was a very pleasant thing: the members in the pump swelled to an impressive size, which was nice to look at. However, you do not need to pump 3 times a day. Your goal is penis enlargement, not admiring the temporary effects. Exercising too often interferes with growth. So follow the training schedule, which you will learn later in the article.

Vacuum pump training program

Consider two training programs:

  1. The first program aims to stretch the penis albuginea.
  2. The second program aims to "pump" the cave.

Two different flasks are required for each of the two programs. Hoses and pumps for pumping out air are universal for any flask. The first type of training requires a narrow wrapper. How to choose the size of the flask based on the size of the penis, I explain in the article "How to choose a vacuum pump. "

Protein membrane stretching program (length)

The flask for packing should be narrow enough: the erect penis does not swell in width during packing, the wall of the flask limits expansion, instead the penis is lengthened in length.

I have explained many things in a previous article, which you can read at any time on the menquestions website. ru in the "Increasing IF" section.

Training program:

  1. Testicular sequence - 5 min.
  2. Steam heating - 10-15 minutes.
  3. Light straight stretch in all directions - 10-15 minutes.
  4. High tension rope - 10 min.
  5. Strap or A-stretch (according to your choice). You can insert a reverse thrust here, as well as sit on the member.
  6. Light jelq - 50 repetitions. Before you start pumping, you should prepare the penis for pumping. Jelq is suitable for this purpose. Jelq dry or wet, whichever is most suitable for you.
  7. Packaging. Now we will describe in detail how the pumping session is done.

Packing procedure

Bring the penis to an 80-90%erection, lubricate with cream or liquid petroleum jelly, then insert into a flask and press firmly on the pubis. Try not to put Vaseline on the scrotum, otherwise it will also be sucked into the flask. If this happens, do not tolerate: remove the flask, wipe the scrotum dry with a napkin, and re -insert the penis into the flask. If friction prevents stretching, then lubricate the inside of the flask itself with sliding cream oil. The slip must be 100%.

On high quality pumps there is a pressure gauge, it indicates the pressure in the pump. I can’t give you an optimal pressure indicator, because for someone 4 units will look like a significant load, while others won’t feel anything. You need to monitor the pressure for another reason: you need to know at the sign you are starting, so that you can increase the load smoothly and not go too far.

The limbs in the flask will stretch to their full length. Follow your feelings. Stop the set if pain occurs.

Exercise set

Rest between sets 3-5 minutes. At this point, light stretching can be done. Before the next set, again bring the penis to an 80-90%erection.

  • The first set. Finish the first set with a light load: don’t try to pump out all the air to stretch the penis to the maximum in the first approach. If at first you start signaling, it will inhibit growth. Everything has its time. Give light exercise for 10 min.
  • The second set. The next set, you can increase the pressure a bit. This is where a pressure gauge comes in handy: look at the gauge and raise the pressure slightly. Also allow 10-15 minutes for the second set.
  • The third set. For the third set, don’t add pressure, but add time to 20 minutes. You should feel good throughout the set. No pain!

After the set

After packing again lightly jelq, literally 30-50 repetitions of light. Do not try to do a full hard jelq as on a vascular program. In this case, you need jelq to increase blood circulation, because during pumping, blood stagnates in the penis.

Then do a straight pull with moderate force for 5-10 minutes.

Measure BPFSL parameters before and after training. If there is WUP after exercising, you did everything right. If not, read the article carefully again and analyze your training.

Increase the load

And now a little more about adding load. Throughout the week do not exceed the prescribed load. The first set is simple, 10 minutes, the second set the load increases slightly and also 10-15 minutes, the third set at the same pressure is 20 minutes. In a week, a little, just a little, add the load for the first set, therefore, the second set will be with a larger load, the third set at the same pressure but already 20 minutes. The scheme is simple.

So, week after week, gradually increase the load. This will help you get the best results. After a few weeks, when you gain experience, then increase the set duration to 15 minutes for the first set, 20 minutes for the second set and 25 minutes for the third set.

With enough experience, you can upgrade and change your training program, based on the example I gave.

Continue the tunic stretching course until you have increased the difference between BPFSL and BPEL to 2 cm or more, then proceed to the vascular cycle. However, if you read all the previous articles and did it right, then you already know it.

The vascular program uses a pump

Training list:

  1. Testicular sequence - 5 min.
  2. Steam heating - 10-15 minutes.
  3. Medium strength direct attraction - 5 min.
  4. Jelq - 100 repetitions.
  5. Straight curls - 10 min.
  6. Sit on a semi -upright limb - 10 min.
  7. Pumping session.

Order of conduct

The pumping session on the vascular cycle is the same as on the tunic stretching cycle, with the only exception that the flask in this case is wide, not narrow, and the penis expands in width. Session time and the principle of adding load are the same. You can always re -read all the articles on our website.

Perform push -ups between sets. 10-15 pushes between sets is sufficient. The combination of vacuum pump and shot produces some great VUP. Punch carefully. If you feel the load is too great, then slow down and shorten the exercise.

Lastly, do a light jelq to smooth your circulation.

Training is over. At the end of the workout, lubricate the penis with ambulance ointment for bruises and bruises or equivalent. Table 2/1 or 3/1.

With the help of this program, after a tunic stretching cycle, I was able to increase my penis girth by 0. 5 cm per month. It was a good decision! Then the growth slowed, after which I switched back to the tunic stretching cycle.

Be careful with your sexual organs. If you feel that a member is unprepared for such a burden or has not yet recovered, take a break.

To track the effectiveness of exercise, you can measure penis girth before and during exercise. However, you should try to measure it before the member fills with lymph. The enlarged circles of lymph do not worry us. We need a clean WUP. And the greater the difference between the measurements at the start and during training, the better. If the difference increases week by week, you are on the right track.

Some important things

Now let’s look at some important points in classic pumping.

Moment 1 - manual exercise + pump

Vacuum pumps are a great addition to a major exercise program and enhance the effects of exercise. You should not switch to one pump use - this would be the wrong decision.

Moment 2 - lymph

When exercising with a pump, the penis is "flooded" with lymph. The first exercise of the lymph can be more, after a few sessions it "floods" not so much.

If there is a lot of lymph, then you can divide the set into two stages, with a pause between stages of 30 seconds.

To avoid large amounts of lymph, pumping in a condom will allow. Yes, don't be surprised. In condoms, the skin is squeezed tightly, which prevents lymph from collecting underneath. This does not affect the overall effectiveness of the training.

Moment 3 - healing cream

At the end of the workout, you must apply a healing cream. This will help to quickly heal red spots and prevent darkening of the penis.

Second 4 - blood while pumping

During exercise with increased load, a few small drops of blood can come out of the urethra. This is due to damage to the ducts in the urethra. In this case, immediately end the session and give yourself a two -week break. During the rest, take the drug "Ascorutin" to strengthen blood vessels or a proven analogue. You also need to take vitamin E.

After two weeks of rest, continue training, but start gradually: after two weeks of light training, return to full training.

Moment 5 - sex after training

After exercising, you cannot have sex or masturbate. Give yourself and your members a break. Have sex next time.

Moment 6 - the skin darkens

With active classic pumping, the skin of the penis may become a little darker. This happens when the conditions described by me in the program are not observed: warming up, load adequacy, use of creams after exercise. In any case, dark is not a painful sign. I described the dark mechanism in a previous article.

Farewell words and wishes

You are sure to notice that the training period described exceeds one hour. Yes, it is long enough, but at this stage it is necessary. After the growth of a beginner, after the first centimeter, it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve a greater increase. The penis adapts to the load, so training also becomes more difficult. But don’t give up, it’s all in your hands! Who wants, he will achieve. No one promised that it would be easy. Patience to you friends and growth!